Over 60% of people act on the advertisements in local newspapers.



Millions of people in the UK read newspapers daily. Advertisers have the option of reaching the largest collection of people with a national campaign, or a tightly targeted geographic audience by advertising in regional newspapers.


Moving Forward In Business offers a fast turnaround and enables you to have the copy or advert you want, in the section you want, within a few days. You can explore and elevate your creativity (within ASA guidelines), thus inspiring your target audience into checking out your business having seen your ad.


Moving Forward In Business specialises in newspaper advertising, providing an immediate solution which works wonders for tightly targeted campaigns. It’s also a fantastic option to include in conjunction with multiple formats – i.e. combining newspaper or magazine advertising with other outputs such as radio, outdoor or television.


Moving Forward In Business can plan, buy and manage an effective press advertising campaign for you, providing an excellent platform for any business to reach solely their target audience and avoid advertising wastage.

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